Truman students in music education will learn to enjoy music and express themselves by singing, playing instruments, moving, listening, and having fun.

Students enjoy music in their lives. They listen to music daily. At Truman we use this continuing enjoyment to develop music skills and an understanding of music concepts. These concepts include; pitch in melody and harmony, rhythm, the structure and form of music, tone color (timbre), expression, style, and, of course vocabulary.

We use a wide variety of activities to teach these concepts.  These activities include; listening,singing, playing instruments, moving and dancing, creating, reading notation, drama, and writing. We work with music of different types, styles, times in history, and cultures. We also try to tie in to what the students are doing in the classroom.

We know that the student can learn and develop when he or she comes to class with an openness to learning and a positive attitude. We know that through active participation, working with others, and accepting responsibility that the student can have a successful and enjoyable learning experience.

We strive for the following results:

  1. A self-perpetuating motivation based on continuing pleasure and satisfaction on the part of the individual student.

  2. The development of individual and group music skills.

  3. The acquiring of music repertoire and familiarity with all types, levels, and styles of music literature.

  4. A knowledge that music education in our schools and community is contributing to the well-being of our complex society.