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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
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Do you ever feel nervous, tense or worried?? How do you feel about your ability to solve problems when you feel like that? Try this relaxation exercise to see if you can re-train your brain. Go from tense to relaxed.

Relaxation Script

1. Concentrate on your breath.

2. Listen to the sound of your breath.

3. Coming in...going out...over...and over.

4. Slow your breathing down and listen some more.

5. Make your breaths deeper and deeper, and listen.

6. Now imagine you are living on a quiet beach.

7. It's warm.

8. No one else is around.

9. You can hear the waves.

10.They roll into the shore...and and out.

11. You can hear a bird chirping.

12. And the waves.

13. You feel warm and peaceful.

14. Feel your legs on the warm sand. 

15. Tense your feet and toes up and then relax             them in the sand.

16. Tense your feet up and keep them tense until I count 

    to 10 (begin counting).

17. Now relax them and keep relaxing them until I count to 10 (begin counting).

18. Listen to the sound of the waves.

19. Feel the warm breeze.

20. Relax your feet and toes.

21. Now tense up your leg muscles and relax. 

22. Continue tensing and relaxing to the count of 10 for legs, body, arms, and hands. In between each muscle group, have students listen to the waves, birds, their own breath.)

What other activities can you do that help you relax?